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R&D Center

Maisonchem is a National High-tech Enterprise,Leading Enterprise Of Strategic Emerging Industry Demonstration Base (New display and components) in Hebei Province,Little Giant of Science and Technology,Science and Technology Small And Medium-sized Enterprise in Hebei Province,  It was recognized as R & D Institution Of Industrial Enterprises in Hebei Province.

Maisonchem owns two R & D centers:Shijiazhuang (1000 m2) and Xinji (2000 m2), equipped with advanced experimental equipment and testing instruments, which can accommodate more than 50 people to carry out experiments simultaneously. Our R&D team are composed of more than 30 excellent researchers including 10 with Master’s degree or above.

According to the research direction, we have further divided into liquid crystal material development group, OLED material development group, innovative drug development group and organic boron compound development group. Forming a scientific and reasonable R&D echelon and technical division of labor. 

Expert Committee

Hebei Maisonchem “Expert Committee” established in 2020,are composed of industry senior experts, professors and doctors from Hebei University of science and technology, Taiyuan University of technology, Nankai University,Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics and other national well-known universities and scientific research institutes.“Expert Committee” has 9 members, including 6 professors, associate professors and 3 doctors. 

“Expert Committee” members combine their own advantages and research directions to provide support for the company's medium and long-term R&D strategic planning and major R&D decisions and technical issues.

Intellectual Property
Since we establishment, Actively promoted the cooperation between the East and the west, established close talent and technical cooperation relations with “Hebei University of Science & Technology”,”Wuhan Polytechnic University”, “Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences” and other universities and scientific research institutions, and provided solid technical guarantee for the improvement of the company's scientific research ability. We has applied for 10 invention patents, including 7 authorized invention patents and 3 invention patents in actual trial.